Ashford Heating Ltd

The Brief

Ashford Heating Supplies Ltd is a family run plumbing and heating business with over thirty years in the retail supply sector. Ashford Heating pride themselves on delivering high end products to the local and industrial sector. In our initial discussions with Ashford Heating they raised concerns about the inability to edit and upload dynamic content in-house. The website design was also holding them back in terms of performance as well as functionality.

We focused on the home page which had been developed as a static hard coded web page. This method was a cause of frustration because each time they wanted to edit something as simple as a product image they would have to contact a web developer who would have to carry out simple website edits which incurred one-off development fees.

The message was clear - they wanted to have as much control over their website as possible including image uploads and edits, as well as textual amendments. Additionally there was no option to add customer reviews which showcase their excellent customer service and product knowledge.

The Result

We converted the home page in to a dynamic fully editable web page which allows appointed users complete control over the content. We also added a new responsive product and information slider which serves as an effective call to action (CTA) and visual attraction.

Other areas of focus were debugging the original code and fixing an array of errors which compromised the user experience including the main navigation area. The site now gives users a hassle free experience allowing their clients to browse and locate the page/products that meets their requirements.

Ashford Heating Ltd

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