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Four Qualities that Make a Website Great

Website Design

November 3, 2021

When viewing a website for the first time, consumers have subconscious browsing habits that can have a direct impact on whether they buy your products or services. For instance, people start viewing your website from the top left corner, and there’s an unwritten 15-second rulethat they swear by. If you don’t engage them almost instantly, they won’t stick around for very long. Expert web designers understand client and customer habits, and can implement effective designs and structures to improve user experience. If you’re looking to increase your chances of conversion, there are certain steps that you need to take when it comes to your website…


We have years of experience in successful web development, helping our clients achieve their online goals by incorporating their brand identity in the content and the design. If one aspect of your website fails, it could impact your entire business and how it succeeds online. Therefore, before attempting to build your website yourself, put the task in the reliable hands of web development experts.


Design and Content


As a more modern, tech-savvy society, people are more likely to trust a website the more professional and secure it looks. If it appears outdated, or the fonts and designs don’t work well together, it can deter people quickly, no matter how good the products or services that you’re selling are. Research has shown that around 75% of online consumers judge a website before they buy anythingor spend a long period of time there, due to issues surrounding credibility and trust. When you have a website that looks good and sounds professional, you can prove yourself as an authority in your field and hopefully encourage more people to stay on your site.


Designing and developing a functional, visually appealing website can take a lot of time and effort, and business owners have more important issues to occupy themselves with. By looking towards expert web design services, you can be presented with a website that appeals to your audience and follows your brand carefully, all the while appearing professional and reliable.


Ease of Navigation


Your website should benefit you and your business long term; constantly changing its design and pages can confuse your audience and can actually negatively impact search engine optimisation (SEO). When you first develop your website, your pages need to be easy to identify, with no broken links or issues with content. A website with too many pages can be quite difficult for your target audience to navigate; confused, frustrated consumers will be less likely to buy your products if they don’t understand your site.


Good web designers understand what audiences want and how websites should work. Our web development experts can create a bespoke website that caters to your business, helping you improve onsite conversion quickly. To find out more about our web design services, please visit us here.


Regular Maintenance


Once a website has been made, it will hopefully be working as optimally as possible, with pages and links that display themselves with ease. However, like most things, they will encounter issues from time to time. Loading speeds may be lagging, links may begin to “rot,”and bugs may appear on your pages. When these problems arise, they can be detrimental to the success of your site, and need tending to as quickly as possible.


Most of the time, when you turn to a website development service, they can provide maintenance for an extended period of time after your site has gone live, giving you more value for money and helping your business succeed. We offer aftercare packages for our clients’ websites, providing support ranging from bug fixes to malware monitoring.


Is it Optimised for Mobile?


Your website might look exemplary on a desktop, but have you checked how it looks to a mobile user? Around 54% of worldwide website traffic comes from mobile users, so their experience on your site matters. It can be hard to get the mobile and desktop balance right, but there are ways during the design process that you can check to see that everything is working accurately on both platforms.


Our web development experts can help you achieve your business goals by creating a bespoke website tailored to your needs and preferences as a company. We can ensure responsive web pages and an easy to navigate site that keeps potential customers browsing for longer, leading to greater conversation and improved user experience. To find out more about how our web designers can help you, please fill out our online form here.