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Why Should I Choose a WordPress Site?


October 13, 2021

If you’re a start-up business looking to make it nationwide, or you’re an established company looking for a rebrand, you’re going to need a functional, attractive website. No matter whether you’re wanting to sell products, a service, or even if you’re just looking to provide information, WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms around. Almost all professional web designers use WordPress to build custom websites due to its easy navigation properties, but it’s not the only reason why WordPress is the absolute best choice…


Luckily, you don’t need to put yourself through the stress and time of building a website yourself; our expert web developers here at Summit Creative Media can create a bespoke website that suits your preferences and brand guidelines entirely, keeping your target audience and services in mind. If you’re in need of a new website to improve your online presence, read on below to discover why you should consider WordPress today.


It’s Free!


One of WordPress’s major selling points is that it is completely free to download, use and modify. Although the system is free to use, you will need a domain and web hosting; the domain name is how your web address appears on the internet, and web hosting is where all of your files are stored. This can be quite tricky to understand and navigate if you’re new to web development; luckily, we can help!


When businesses have custom-made websites developed, they can be quite expensive and harder to navigate should you wish to upload new pages and blog posts. If they’re poorly coded, they can lead to a bad user experience, which can negatively affect your sales and performance. WordPress websites are just as high quality as coded websites, and are much more familiar to a wider audience, and this also makes them popular with web designers.


It’s the Most Popular CMS System


Of all the websites that exist currently, 43% are powered by WordPress. Over 500 WordPress sites per day are created, with different premium WordPress themes available. Although, here at Summit Creative Media, we build your website from the ground up, creating a bespoke site perfect for you and your brand. By choosing the WordPress CMS platform, you can be assured that you will have access to the latest updates which will keep your website and content secure. The WordPress community also offers access to more than 55,000 plugins.


It’s SEO Friendly


If you’re trying to promote yourself online, all professional designers and marketing executives will tell you that SEO is the way forward. It can help you rank higher on Google, and reach your target audience who are on the lookout for products and services like yours. In simple terms, Google loves WordPress because of its ability to support all kinds of SEO strategies. WordPress sites tend to rank higher on Google, and you can even utilise SEO plugins such as Yoast to further enhance your online presence and visibility. Most professional web designers love WordPress; it’s easy to navigate, and can help you build your SEO strategy.


How We Can Help


Summit Creative Media are dedicated to helping your business thrive online. We can create a bespoke website that caters to your business perfectly, improving your digital marketing strategy and taking care of hosting. Your brand guidelines will be at the heart of everything we do as we create a WordPress site that details exactly who you are and what you’re looking to achieve.


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