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Why You Should Choose a Web Developer over DIY Websites

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October 21, 2021

Every growing business needs a functional website that looks good and provides a great experience for the user. Choosing a web designer is an important process when setting up your brand-new online presence, but some business owners opt for creating one themselves using free sites in order to save money.


However, the truth is that DIY websites can actually hinder your business’s growth, take up valuable time that could be better spent growing your business, turn away potential customers and ruin the company’s professional image which you have worked hard to achieve.


Hiring a professional web developer to create your new website is a great investment, as it will save you time, money and energy and with the right marketing strategy it will help draw in your target audience and improve your online sales and conversions. If you’re still weighing up the pros and cons, read our helpful article below.


DIY Websites Are Not as Unique


Free website themes and templates on sites such as WordPress and Wix aren’t as tempting as they sound. Because they’re free, there are limitations in what you can achieve, leading to a website that is hard to navigate and does not maintain your company’s brand.


Budgets are often tight, which is one of the reasons why companies and individuals opt for a website straight out of the box. The trouble with this strategy is your website is not unique and you are at the mercy of a theme developer and theme updates which can cause problems further down the line.


We create bespoke websites that match your brand guidelines, providing an easy user experience.


Enjoy Better Features and User Experience


One of the most important factors that your website should cater for is a positive user experience (UX). The average time customers spend on a website is 15 seconds; that’s one quarter of a minute that you have to really engage your audience and keep them interested. A DIY website uses pre-built website themes and, quite often, are not aesthetically pleasing and the users journey can be chaotic and confusing leading to high bounce rates.


Professional web designers use their wide range of web development skills to understand exactly what your target audience needs, building a site that prioritises UX and implementing stand-out features to ensure the site is easy to use and navigate.


WordPress is a great CMS system to use when creating websites; we recommend WordPress because it’s flexible, secure, easy to customise and easy to use. Read our previous article and discover why WordPress is our go-to CMS platform for building your online business and profile.


It Saves You Time


You’re a business owner. You want to grow your business, generate sales, leads and profit. You don’t have time to build your own website and if you do, the process will take up a significant amount of your time and resources. You should focus on what you do best. By choosing a web designer, you can ensure that your brand new site is in the best hands, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on building your business..


If you want to create an online store with additional bespoke features, you need a web design company who understands web design and development from the ground up. Our team at Summit Creative Media have extensive experience in choosing the very best features that will suit your business perfectly, helping your business and audience in the process.


How We Can Help


We know first-hand the pitfalls of using DIY websites, which can leave business owners frustrated and, worst of all, damage their professional reputation. Although we can fix most issues you may be experiencing, we recommend building a bespoke website that adheres to your brand and preferences.


To find out more, or to receive a quote, please fill out our online form here or book a free twenty minute consultation.