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WordPress Security Elements You Need to Consider


November 16, 2021

Once your brand-new website has been designed and launched, you’ll probably be anxiously waiting to see what your target audience thinks and how quickly it will begin to cement your brand into the online world. However, as the months pass by, your website may become vulnerable to hackers, malware and other security breaches that can decrease the reliability of your site. If your custom website was designed on WordPress, there are certain website security aftercare procedures that can be implemented. If you ever find yourself wondering, “do I need WordPress security?” consider our blog below.


Our aftercare packages here at Summit Creative Media are recommended to all of our customers, helping their WordPress website stay safe and trustworthy for longer. With different packages suited to your needs, we can include benefits such as malware monitoring and bug fixes, ensuring that your sensitive information is protected around the clock. We’re more than just a dedicated professional web service; we can look after your website long after we’ve created it.


Plugin and System Update


WordPress (WP) is a secure platform, but it can garner a bad reputation when web users follow bad practices when it comes to WP security. Using outdated software and void plugins can make your website susceptible to hackers. Even news conglomerate Reuters was hackeddue to an outdated version of WordPress. It usually implements minor updates itself, but major changes will need to be manually initiated. The themes and plugins are constantly updating too, and will need to be monitored in order to improve the stability of your site.


Your typical web design service will create your bespoke site and send you on your way; most business owners won’t be entirely clued up when it comes to web security, so won’t be aware that their site is vulnerable until it is too late. We can advise you on the very best aftercare package that suits your needs, providing updates as and when they’re available. We can also make sure that your website is SSL certified and that your IP address is secure, making your site more trustworthy. You can view our various aftercare packages here.


Bug Fixes and Broken Links


All software will encounter bugs from time to time; it’s an inevitability. From browser compatibility problems to slow site speed, bugs can affect the efficiency of your website, damaging the user experience and causing potential customers to find another site. You need to keep on top of identifying and sorting bugs before they become detrimental to your business, and qualified website design services can not only build your website, but can offer support to keep your site free of bugs.


Sometimes, broken links can make their way onto your site. Some links can lead to a 404 page, but they can often lead to malicious redirects. These links can appear in your .htaccess file or other core files, directing your web traffic to malicious sites. Our aftercare packages can ensure all corners of your website, both onsite and in the backend, are free of malicious bugs and links that could seriously harm your website.


Malware Monitoring


When you’ve bought a new laptop or computer, you’ll probably get complimentary malware protection to keep viruses away from your personal information. This will eventually run out, but with an aftercare package, your website won’t have to worry about its protection having a time limit. Malware can take its toll on your business, with customers losing trust with your site, especially if you operate in e-commerce. Therefore, by investing in an aftercare package, you won’t have to worry about putting your business’s reputation at risk.


As well as designing a bespoke website for your business, we can implement high-quality aftercare to monitor your website security, ensuring that our high-quality service and customer care stay with you after your site has been created.


How We Can Help


Our professional web design team are on hand to create a bespoke website for your business, no matter your needs or preferences. Our packages come with different prices and attributes suited to you, all of which will give your website the protection it deserves.

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